How Big is your Network?



Of Those Followers / People On Your Email List, What Percentage Would Participate To Help The Earth Projects If There Was No Cost?



*Total Affiliate Revenue : $400 Per Month

*A sustainability partner with 10k followers with a conversion rate of 5% can earn $400 per month while their referred users earn $1 per week using the NCOG search engine, assuming an affiliate commission of 20%

Gold Member

A Gold Member can earn 15% commissions on every dollar he generates in revenue as well as 5% on what each member of his network generates.

Silver Member

A Silver Member can earn 10% commissions on every dollar he generates in revenue as well as 10% on what each member of his network generates.

Bronze Member

A Bronze Member can earn 5% commissions on every dollar he generates in revenue as well as 15% on what each member of his network generates.

Royal Member

Top Rated Sustainability Partner

The most decorated of all Sustainability Partners. This level earns 20% and more on their own activities as well as the activities of each member of their network! A true honor as well as a consistent partner in the sustainable practices that NCOG takes part in!

Creative Approach that Benefits All

A Win-Win-Win Model that benefits everyone involved right from the partners, all the way down to the end-user!

Innovative Sustainability Development

Every dollar generated on the NCOG and NCOG Sustainability Partner Platforms helps plants not just trees but forests!

All-inclusive Consumer Base

All Sustainability Partners gain access to the consumer base of other partners that they can directly market to!

CrCommunity For Change

Sustainability Partners is not just a sustainability program but a haven for a community that wants to change things for the better!

Strategy for Development

We are bringing together Sustainability Partners that join hands to extract revenue from the various untapped and revenue streams available in our ecosystem.

The More the Merrier

The more members you help bring in, the better your revenue generated. Its a Win-Win-Win model where nobody loses!

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Internet Incentivisation

Learn about the idea of complete online incentivisation. Every action you do online gets you paid!

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The Win-Win-Win Model

An impossible feat achieved! Delve into how we made the impossible possible. Everyone Wins and No one loses!

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NCOG & Its Mission

NCOG = "Incognito" We believe data should be treated as a commodity. We all live in a connected world. There's fortunes in Data. We should all treat all our Data as BIG Business does. We should all get paid for our Data.